Emilie Cummings-Enneking


We have the pleasure to send you the highlights from the London Biennale 2013. Please click on the links to see the exhibition hallsinauguration and the press coverage.

Please look below for a picture selection of the creation process for my statue exhibited in London


Click HERE to see pictures of Emilie making and exhibiting her monumental sculpture  "Lost" for the London Biennale 2013 at the Chelsea Old Town Hall.

Great News!!

Emilie has just won 2 awards at the 2013 London Biennale!!

1st Prize European Federation of Art Critics

2nd Prize Sculpture London Biennale

Thank you all for your support!!




I'm happy to tell you that I am participating in the 2013 London Biennale hosted by the lord mayor of Kensington-Chelsea and the Gagliardi Gallery. The event will take place from the 23rd to the 27th at the Chelsea Town Hall in the heart of London. (www.londonbiennale.co.uk). Anyone who is in London in January is welcome from Wednesday evening to Saturday at 6pm. If you wish to come to the private opening on Wednesday evening, send me an e-mail and I will make sure you are on the list!  As you can see from the photo, I am preparing a new monumental sculpture for the event.  This year's exhibition will feature more than 100 selected artists from around the world, so I feel privileged to be in such good company. I hope to see you there!