Emilie Cummings-Enneking

Project Equanimity in Italy, 2009-2011

A dream comes true
         Project Equanimity 2011


Dear friends,

Following a two-year collaborative process, I am intensely proud and happy to announce that the sculpture Equanimity will be completed this summer!

The town of Volterra has recognized the iconic and international character of the project and has granted the sculpture Equanimity official heritage status. Over the next few weeks I will be working with a team of artists and volunteers to assemble the 9 meter Equanimity sculpture on top of the beautiful hill at the Fattoria Lischeto.

We are expecting to complete the sculpture by the end of August 2010 and will celebrate this event with a festive opening in September. A formal invitation will follow once the exact date is set.

 Reflecting on the process by which this dream has come true, I would like to thank those of you who purchased a smaller equanimity for your support and confidence. In addition, I want to recognize the countless talks and ongoing encouragement from my colleagues, friends and all those touched by the symbolic impact of Equanimity. The collaborative nature of the project has symbiotically driven Equanimity from dream to completion. My thanks to all.


Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.


This is the address of the location where I am building Equanimity:

Fattoria Lischeto

Localita strada provinciale del monte

Volterrano, Volterra (PL)



Tel Emilie:+31 621573907


Emilie with Prof. Carloni Giangranco, the official responsible for cultural affairs for the city of Volterra

I created Equanimity as a symbol of inner strenght and balance, a universal force we all need in life.

Project Equanimity in Italy, 2009

Following Emilie’s participation in the Biennale of Florence in 2007, Giovanni Cannas, owner of the Fattoria Lischeto in Volterra, Toscany, offered his estate for the realization of her landscape sculpture “Equanimity”. It will be made of acrylic resin with bronze powder, layerd around a metal frame. Standing 9 meters tall. it will be a monumental icon for the region.

Equanimity is a symbol of inner strength
and balance, built in the shape of an inverted question mark - a playful way
to express life’s questions and answers for equanimity.

Emilie has chosen a collective approach
to finance the project because of the shared symbolism of equanimity and the public role of landscape art. By purchasing a smaller bronze version of Equanimity
(53 cm or 1.20) supporters become co-founders and all proceeds will go toward the realization of the monumental sculpture.

In December 2009 Emilie was awarded the Magnus-Laurentius Medices 1st prize for Sculpture at the Biennale Internazionale Dell’arte Contemporanea of Florence.

A dream, shared by Family and Friends
To realize this dream, I have asked my Family and Friends for help.
In order to raise the necessary funds to build and place the sculpture, I will produce a limited number of smaller versions of Equanimity. These sculptures are for sale.

To recognize their participation, the names of the participants will be engraved in a bronze plate that will be placed at the foot of the hill in Tuscany.

Join the project
If you wish to learn more about the project or order a sculpture and join this great project, please send an e-mail to info@emiliecummings.nl.

Sizes and prices of the sculpture
I will produce two smaller versions of Equanimity – one of 53 cm and a larger one of 120 cm. The prices are respectively euro 1800 and 7000.

The sculpture of 53 cm comes with a dark grey polished stone stand, size 30cm high, by 14cm wide, by 10cm deep. This stand is included in the price of 1800 euro for the Netherlands as well as abroad.

For the sculpture of 120 cm we have two stone stands: one of 10 cm high, by 30 cm wide, by 30 cm deep and one of 90 cm high, 30 cm wide and 30 cm deep.

The first one (10/30/30) is relatively small in relation to the sculpture, but is included in the price of 7000 euro for when the sculpture is delivered outside of the Netherlands.

The second stand (90/30/30) is recommended as a base. It is included in the price of 7000 euro, but for delivery outside of the Netherlands, I will have to bring into account the extra delivery costs of about 300 euro.

The stands will be made by a stone mason in The Hague who I always work with.

Color/Patina of the sculpture
The sculpture is available in two colors: green/brown and terra/brown.

Please click on image to enlarge
Please click on image to enlarge

Delivery outside of the Netherlands

The shipping costs for international deliveries will be stated on the invoice. Speedmark, a Dutch transport company, sponsors part of the costs of the delivery outside of the Netherlands.
If you would like and indication of these costs, please send an e-mail to info@emiliecummings.nl.

At delivery you will receive an invoice with a request for payment within 14 days.

VAT Netherlands
VAT in the Netherlands for companies as well as private purchases will be 19%.

VAT EU Countries
VAT in one of the EU Countries for companies will be 0% (we will need your VAT Number).
For private purchases 19%.

VAT Countries outside EU
VAT in Countries outside the EU for companies and private purchases will be 0%.




Click here to see a video of Emilie at work